Inspectors union provides quality and reliable with cost effective inspection services which includes conventional NDT, PMI, Hardness testing, PWHT, Welder Performance Qualification, Welding Inspection Services, Coating inspection services, Shutdown inspections and on stream inspections.

Plant inspection:

We have a team of certified plant inspectors to perform In-service inspections in Petrochemical plants and Refieneries.


Mechanical QA/QC:

Our services in the area of construction projects is QA/QC support

Preperation and qualification of WPS(Welding Procedure Specification), PQR(Procedure Qualification Record) and WPQ(welders performance qualification) as per ASME IX.

  • Welding Inspection ,Painting inspection and Material inspection.
  • Piping and mechanical QC support.

CERTIFED Welding and Painting Inspectors:-

  • CWI(AWS,CSWIP 3.1) Welding Inspectors.
  • BGAS,NACE Painting Insectors.
  • Hardness and PMI inspectors.

NDT Services:

Our NDT division with ASNT level-III , Level-II certified NDT technicains to execute our jobs.

  • Ultrasonic Testing of welds.
  • UT Thickness Gauge and corrosion scanning.
  • Magnetic Particle Testing.
  • Penetrate Testing.
  •  Radiography.


Lifting Equipment Inspection

Inspectors Union Company provides a structural integrity inspections/assessment on Lifting and Hoisting equipment as part of Inspection plan/annual survey and to meet legal/safety requirements.

 Periodic inspection of the lifting equipment/loose gears to ensure that the equipment is safe and fit for service. After completion of Inspection subsequent results reporting and its documentation provided in accordance with the applicable standards and specifications.

With a team of expertise we are capable for inspection of cranes, Man basket Hoists, Loose lifting gear, slings, shackles, overhead cranes, Forklifts trucks,  lorry mounted vessel, tow cranes and offshore equipment